Nederlands – NT2 Dutch Schoolyear 2022-2023

Learn Dutch: NT2 A0-A1, NT2 A1-A2, NT2 A2-B1 and NT2 B1-B2
Learn Dutch:from A0 to B2 (starting courses)
The levels A0-A1, A1-A2 and B1-B2 refer to the levels of the Common European Framewordk of Reference for Languages.
Read more on the Common website.
The Dutch lessons for each level are weekly on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening from 19.00 to 22.00 hrs with a break halftime. The homework: about 3 to 6 hours per lesson, depending on your study proficiency.
Of course, the official language is Dutch, but an explanation in English will be needed. Therefore, it is necessary that you have a sufficient command of the Englisch language.
NT2 A0-A1 and NT2 A1-A2 (starting courses)
There are two courses (12 lessons): NT2 A0-A1 and NT2 A1-A2, in autumn and spring. The first course starts in September and lasts to December; you can register until 4 October 2022. The second course starts in January lasts to April; for this course you can register up till 24 January 2023.
Attention: the courses NT2 A0-A1 and A1-A2 are language courses, they are not meant as education for the Inburgeringsexamens.
Read more about the Inburgeringsexamens at the website

NT2 A2-B1 (semi-advanced course) and NT2 B1-B2 (advanced course)
These courses will be given from September to April. Participation in the Staatsexamens is on its own initiative.
Read more about the Staatsexamens on the website

Open Day
We recommend to visit the Open Dag on 3 September 2022. You can get acquainted with the teacher(s) and the teaching material and you can get advice in which class (which level) to start. Click this button for actual information about our Open Day.

Pracital information
Subscribe: Subscribe NT2 A0-A1 najaar/autumn
NT2 A0-A1 spring starting Wednesday 28 September 2022.
Subscribe NT2 A1-A2 najaar/autumn
NT2 A1-A2 spring starting Tuesday 27 September 2022.
Subscribe NT2 A2-B1 najaar/autumn
NT2 A2-B1 spring starting Wednesday 28 September 2022.
Subscribe NT2 B1-B2 najaar/autumn
NT2 B1-B2 spring starting Monday 26 September 2022.
Subscribe NT2 A0-A1 voorjaar/spring
NT2 A0-A1 spring starting Tuesday17 January 2023.
Subscribe NT2 A1-A2 voorjaar/spring
NT2 A1-A2 spring starting Wednesday 18 January 2023.
Price: NT2 A0-A1 and NT2 A1-A2: € 300,- for 12 lesson-evenings.
We will collect the money in one (at the end of September 2021) or two instalments (at the end of September and November 2021).
NT2 A2-B1 and NT2 B1-B2: € 600,- for 22 lesson-evenings.
We will collect the money in two instalments(at the end of September 2021 and at the end of January 2022.
Teaching material: • NT2 A0-A1 and NT2 A1-A2:
Nederlands in gang + licentie
. ISBN 978 90 4690 5609. Prijs: € 42,95
Werkschrift Spelling ISBN 978 90 0610 1119 eerste druk 19e oplage Prijs € 7,00
Werkschrift Begrijpend lezen ISBN 978 90 0610 1133 eerste druk 20e oplage Prijs € 7,00
These books are directly to order at Intertaal.
• NT2 A2-B1:
<Nederlands in actie, boek + website
. ISBN 978 90 4690 2981. Prijs: € 42,95
Pocketwoordenboek Nederlands als tweede taal. ISBN 978 94 6077 5680. Prijs € 17,50
These books are directly to order at Intertaal.
• NT2 B1-B2:
Nederlands op niveau, book + website.
ISBN 978 90 4690 4411. Price: € 45,10
Pocketbook Nederlands als tweede taal. ISBN 978 94 6077 5680. Prijs: € 18,40
These books are directly to order at Intertaal.
You have to purchase the required textbook by your own. Please make sure the course really will take place.
Location: O.S.G. Willem Blaeu, Robonsbosweg 11, 1816 MK Alkmaar.
Teachers: • Mw. C.S.G. Spierings NT2 A0-A1, A1-A2 and NT2 B1-B2
• Mw. Chr. Lont – Dalmeijer NT2 A2-B1
tel. 0227 592 210